Culture? We don’t need no stinking culture!

Posted by iJetDigital Marketing on Jan 2nd 2019

Culture? We don’t need no stinking culture!

This is the title of a chapter from my good friend Pat Taylor’s book Sales Savvy – Self-Help for Small Business. In it he talks about how every company has a culture whether they recognize it or not, and how that culture is infused into every employee who works for the company.

Culture dictates our behavior in society. Here in the United States we have a societal culture of freedom and independence that fosters creative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Other cultures are more restrictive in how their society acts and behaves. Others place more value on religion and ritual. In the end, every society’s culture dictates behavior.

Corporate culture is defined by the company handbook as well as the management team. It governs how employees behave and conduct business. Small businesses may not have the written rules of the road, but their culture is defined by how the owner operates and manages the business.

Culture is defined as a set of values, goals and attitudes that influence the behavior of an organization or individuals. When those values, goals and attitudes are sales focused, then there is a company sales culture.

If an owner fails to invest in their employees with training and looks to pinch pennies at the expense of customer satisfaction, then every employee can care less about the outcome and the success of the company. Here’s a company with a failing culture.

On the other hand, if you invest time in training, employee awareness, customer satisfaction, as well as, well defined objectives, every employee knows how they can best participate in the success of the company where everyone has a common goal.

In your business, what is your culture? Does it project the image you want for your business? Are you defining your success, or is the status quo failing your expectations?

You have a culture whether you know it or not.